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Free Download Premade Gold Foil Logos

On the weekend, I was testing some symbol ideas with paint and then though they would work great as logos, so I scanned them and created this set to share with you.

Keep in mind that this is not one of a kind design and it’s being made available as a freebie. Many more people might use the same logo. Being a designer myself, If you’re looking for something professional, I recommend hiring someone to create a complete branding targeted to your needs and audience.

You will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to be able to edit these files. You can easily add the name of your company and tagline in each text area.

The files provided in this freebie are:
• Editable Adobe Photoshop file.
• Editable Adobe Illustrator file.
• Links to the free fonts used

If you don’t know how, can’t use the adobe programs listed above, or want to personalize the logos a bit more, email me at curlymade@gmail.com and I will create a special Etsy listing for the personalization of the logos (from 5€)

The Fonts used in any of the logos are available for free and each one is listed along with the respective logo on a pdf in the link bellow. Please install the fonts before opening the files.

DIY Speech Bubble Dry Erase Board

This DIY came pretty much out of nowhere, I had this idea that I wanted to try and tried to figure, out of the supplies I had in home, what would work for this. I actually had some trouble with the "dry erase" part of the board, because the contact paper I had, did not let erase the marker, it absorbed the paint slightly, so you will see I had to use something on top of that for the board to work.

Materials: A big piece of cardboard | x-acto | scissors | white contact paper | clear plastic | electrical tape | two magnets | D-ring | glue

DIY Upcycled Cement Vase Using a Plastic Bottle

Cement DIYs have been super on trend for a while, but somehow I haven't got to make anything with this material before. I actually found it surprisingly easy and inexpensive, making the mold out of cardboard is free and the pack of cement, for me was less than 3€.
The only bummer is the drying time, this piece took me a whole week to dry, but I think that I might be different depending on the mixture of concrete you get.

Materials: Cement | Water | Mixing Bowl | Plastic Bottle | Iron | Cardboard box | Acrylic Paints | Paintbrush | Painters Tape | Scissors | Sanding Paper